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Mechanisms Inspired by Nature for Dynamics

The CMU Mechanisms Inspired by Nature for Dynamics (MIND) lab focuses on creating adaptive mechanical structures for dynamic tailoring, at the interface between dynamics and vibration, biomechanics, mechanical design, material science, and manufacturing. We design, fabricate, and characterize bio-inspired systems, structures, and technologies for applications ranging from micro-robotics to aerospace and prosthetics. We seek inspiration from nature to solve challenging engineering problems while uncovering unexpected biological phenomena.

As part of our core mission, we train the scientists, engineers, and technical leaders of tomorrow to find innovative solutions to global challenges. We aim to inspire students of all ages, especially from under-represented groups in engineering, to pursue careers in science and engineering.




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The MIND Lab is hiring!


We have multiple openings for graduate students in the Fall of 2024. All candidates will only be considered through the official CMU application system; please apply online! More information of the Mechanical Engineering department at CMU can be found here.